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New DES Specifications

Please click here to download a document with details of the four new DESs which form part of the GP contract imposition, and which are funded through money removed from the organisation QOF indicators. You will clearly need to make decisions within your own practices as to which, if any, of these DESs you want to sign up to, bearing in mind the potential workload involved, the funding on offer, your practice’s individual circumstances and your own views on the contract imposition and the merits or otherwise of these four DESs. You will also note that both the risk stratification DES and the remote monitoring DES actually require the details of what will be required to be determined locally with your CCG, and until the exact specifications are known it will be difficult for you to make informed decisions as to whether you want to sign up with these. The LMC will be liaising with the CCGs as a matter of urgencyto ensure that acceptablelocal specifications are in place as soon as possible.

We are expecting further guidance from the GPC on theseDESs as soon as they have had an opportunity to analyse the details.

Dr. Robert Morley
Executive Secretary
Birmingham Local Medical Committee


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