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Local authorities - superannuation payments for Public Health LESs

The following is a statement which has just been issuedbyNHS pensions:

"Payments to a GP (or GP Practice) in England respect of enhanced services and local enhanced services commissioned by Primary Care Trusts prior to 1 April 2013 were pensionable in the NHS Pension Scheme (NHSPS).

"With effect from 1 April 2013 payments to a GP (or GP Practice) in England for these services commissioned by a Local Authority (under The Health and Social Care Act 2012) continue to be pensionable in the NHSPS and will continue to include an element for NHSPS employer contributions.

"GPs who perform the above services for a Local Authority in England from 1 April 2013 must record the payment as 'additional pensionable income' in their end-of-year Certificate of pensionable income.GP form SOLO, normally used to record fee-based OOHs and CCG work, must NOT be used to pension the above income.

"The new arrangements apply to GP Local Authority income under The Health and Social Care Act 2012 changes only.

NHS Pensions have also clarified that this is not like the GP locum issue where there is a real change in respect of the employer contributions with a transfer of funding . Basically prior to April 2013 the GP contract cash envelope included the 14% employer contributions and it will continue to do so from 01/04/2013 even though the payments will now be made by local authorities in England. In other words, the payments from local authorities will NOT include any payments on top of contract prices for employers superannation.

Dr. Robert Morley
Executive Secretary
Birmingham Local Medical Committee


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