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Collaborative Services and updated fee claim form

As anticipated, the NHS reforms have brought considerable confusion in many areas, including those of the collaborative services, the arrangements whereby GPs provide services to Birmingham City Council or its agents (e.g. Centro) which are then paid for by the NHS.Whilst the Health and Social Care Act confirms the on-going responsibility of NHS England to pay for these services, Area Teams are stating that they cannot identify the appropriate budgets.

Discussions between NHS England and the GPC have made it clear that, until all confusion has been sorted, the Area Teams should be paying for these services.It may be that in the longer term that the Birmingham CCGs will assume this responsibility, or even that the budgets will be transferred to the Local Authority, but in the meantime you should continue to insist that all requests for these services are accompanied by an appropriate medical fee claim form with Part 1 completed by the requestor, who should then, after you have provided the service and completed Part 2,send the forms on to the Shared Services Agency for payment.

I have attached an updated medical fee claim request form.If any requests for collaborative services are made of you without this form being used then please ensure you send a copy off to the requesting Council officer/agent and insist they complete part 1.

The LMC will continue to discuss this matter with both the Council and the Area Team.

The form is on the BLMC web site here.


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