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New Shingles and childhood flu DESs - specification

Please see below self-explanatory email and attachments from the GPC re the new Shingles and Childhood Flu vaccination DESs.

Dr. Robert Morley
Birmingham Local Medical Committee

Dear all

The specifications for the shingles catch-up programme and the children's flu programme will be published shortly by NHS England - but are available here:
Shingles catch-up programme 2013
Childrens flu programme 2013

In short - childhood flu programme covers:

From 1 September, in addition to the current DES influenza DES, practices should also vaccinate children who attain the age of two and three years, but not yet four, on 1 September 2013 on either: a.A proactive call basis, if not considered at-risk, or b.A proactive call and recall basis, if considered at-risk

And the shingles programme covers :

From 1 September 2013, practices should provide the shingles vaccine to patients aged 70, but not yet 71 [route cohort] and all patients aged 79 [catch-up cohort], on an opportunistic basis.

We are also drafting some joint FAQs and a summary table to cover all the recent vaccination changes.

Catharina Öhman-Smith
Senior Policy Executive
NHS Primary Care Division, Representational and Political Activities Directorate
British Medical Association
t 020 7383 6446 I
BMA House, Tavistock Square, London WC1H 9JP


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