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Primary Care Support Cuts

Further to previous information from the LMC on this matter you may be interested in thelatest update from NHS England on the planned massivecuts to and "re-organisation" ofprimary care support services ( otherwise known as Family Health Services Functions). You will see that, predictably,NHS England is very seriously considering the proposal to award a national ,single privatised contract to SBS to provide the entirety of these functions. You will no doubt be aware, of course, that this is the self- same organisation that has been responsible for making your practice payments for the last year.

I would draw your attentionto the advice that the LMC has repeatedly issued in the past about putting appropriatefinancial contingency plans in place if you have not already done so, and that even if you have done so you consider revisingthese and speakingagainto both your practice financial advisers and your bank about the future likelyrisks to and needs of your business. As well as basic financial planning and risk management, bearing inmind all the financial and business uncertainties that general practices are now facing, it may well be that you would wish to consider going beyond this and revisiting your practice disaster recovery plans as well as looking at the issue ofobtainingexpert specialist advice in respect ofstrategic business planning for your practice and partnership.

Please let the LMC know if you think it would be useful to your practice for youto attend an event with expert speakers in order to discuss some of these issues around risk management and strategic business planning ; we would certainly be able tofacilitate such a meeting.

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