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NHS England Response re. Practice Payments Intelligence

Please see below a self- explanatory message from the GPC, with document for download.

I trust that all practices will continue to keep the LMC advised of ongoing difficulties.

Click here to download the document.

Dr. Robert Morley
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Birmingham Local Medical Committee
Supporting the Business of General Practice

Subject: NHS England Response re. Practice Payments Intelligence

Dear all

You may remember that in February we sent out a request for intelligence regarding any outstanding issues that practices have been having regarding payments.

Thank you for your responses. We’ve raised these with directly with the finance management at NHS England who have assured us that they will work to ensure that the relevant Area Teams are aware of the problems and will work to resolve them as quickly as possible.In the meantime they recommend that you continue to chase up problems with local Area Teams and Payment Teams.Hopefully the application of pressure from above and below will help to ensure that the necessary action is taken.

In instances where remittance advice is needed on payments made, NHS England advise that this is taken up directly with SBS so that their information presentation can be reviewed, and where there are issues with payments outstanding from pre April 2013, NHS England are referring these to the legacy payments team. Additionally, the NHS SBS guidance on remittance is attached, which some may find useful. If these problems continue to persist please let us know and we’ll raise them again with NHS England.


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