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The Your GP cares campaign is now live! Our launch day plans involve media publicity, launch of our webpages and social media activity. We also have plans in the coming months to engage politicians, policy makers and patients further in the campaign, along with GPs themselves of course. More details of that to follow.

The success of Your GP cares is heavily dependent on your support. Now the campaign has launched can I please ask you to do the following today:

• join the campaign via the BMA website

• help us raise awareness of the campaign with your colleagues and contacts

• engage with the campaign on Twitter using #YourGPcares and following the BMA @TheBMA if you are active on social media

• if you have case studies to illustrate the issues the campaign is highlighting please email them to

• join in the conversation on BMA communities

We will be launching a full suite of campaign materials, including posters and leaflets, at next week’s LMC conference that you and your practices will be able to use to help explain the campaign issues to patients. However, so that you have access to something now, there are two posters that you can download from the website and can start using straight away if you so wish.

We will be in touch in due course to keep you updated on campaign activities throughout our programme of work in the run up to the next UK General Election.

Best wishes

Chaand Nagpaul


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