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Statutory Guidance on Supprting Children with Medical Conditions

You may have become aware that this gem of a document will come into force in September.I anticipate that as a result practices will inevitably be bombarded not just with even more requests than ever for medical evidence from parents, related now to ongoing medical conditions as well as school absences, but also some directly from schools themselves.

The GPC, which, needless to say, was not consulted on this document, will be issuing some national guidance for practices shortly.Meanwhile, whilst this might be statutory guidance for schools, GPs contractual obligations have not changed, although of course there remain, as ever, professional obligations in respect of appropriate information sharing with other health professionals and social workers.

It is not the responsibility of NHS general practice to assist schools in policing the absence of pupils by providing parents or schools with medical certificates, nor is there any contractual obligation to provide medical reports detailing pupils’ medical conditions, whether directly to parents or to schools.Any extra-contractual medical evidence which a practice might choose to provide is, as ever, chargeable.

Statutory Guidance on Supprting Children with Medical Conditions


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