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LISs and the NHS standard Contract

It has come to my attention that the Commissioning Support Unit, on behalf of your CCG, may be requesting that your practice signs the NHS Standard Contract in order for you to deliver “LISs” toyour registered list of patients.

Whilst use of the standard contract is mandated by NHS England to be used where CCGs commission community services from any qualified provider, the standard contract technical guidance, as attached, makes clear that the commissioning of LISs from GP practices is exempt from this requirement. You will be aware that the stipulations of the overly long, complex and technical nature of the standard contract, with its many general and service conditions, are likely to be impossible to fulfil by most practices, which makes it totally unfit for purpose for commissioning LISs, hence the exemption confirmed by NHS England.

I have written to your CCG suggesting that it abandons its policy of insisting on the use of the standard contract to commission simple LISs from your practice, and revert to the use of straightforward SLAs, as previously used to provide local enhanced services.In the meantime, if you are asked by the CSU to use the NHS Standard Contract to sign up to a LIS, I would advise that you decline to do so, sharing this email with the CSU and bringing the matter to the attention of your CCG leadership.

Click here to download the latest document on this subject.

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