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Minor Ailments and Self Care

The Area Team has commissioned a pilot minor ailment scheme form pharmacies in certain parts of the city. The LMC was informed of the scheme but not consulted, despite the fact that GPC practices are significant stakeholders likely to be affected.Needless to say the LMC welcomes the principle of an initiative that aims to relieve the burden on practices but whether this scheme will do so remains to be seen. The LMC is concerned that the pilot specification suggests that practices may be contacted by pharmacies to confirm whether patients are registered with them, and also that practices will be written to and informed when patients have attended pharmacies for advice about trivial, self- limiting illness.

There is concern therefore thatthere is potential to actually increase rather than decrease the burden on practices and the LMC would welcome feedback on any issues that arise as a consequence of this.

Click here to download the document "Pharmacy First LES".

Click here to download the document "Pharmacy First Service SPEC".


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