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Alternative to purchasing PRS and PPL licences

Those of you that need to pay for PRS and PPL licences if you broadcast music in your surgeries may be interested in this organisation which sells CDs which do not require broadcast licences. Purchasing also includes a certificate which states :

"the music stated above has been cleared with the composer for use without ever having to pay any further royalties to any collecting agency.we can confirm that the composer of these works is a non PRS / PPL member and not affiliated with any performing rights society worldwide and agrees to allow the purchaser to use the music in the following applications without seeking any royalties now or in the future.All music is wholly owned by AKM music and we hold the right to this music.AKM music is not a member of any performing rights society.The music does not infringe the copyright of any third party.This licence covers mechanicals and public performance.There are no annual or renewal fees once the music is purchased."

It goes on to indicate that the practice is the purchaser of the music and only they can use or play the music and this right is not transferable.It has been confirmed that PRS and PPL accept these certificates. The CDs are verypricey at £36 , but practices might want to considerthis alternative option to paying for their PRS and PPLlicences . Details are available at the following link:

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