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Removals from the list of patients who are violent

It is important for the LMC to reiterate advice on the appropriate procedure in respect of the immediate removal of violent patients.

The relevant regulation is attached and the LMC would advise you to note the wording carefully.Please note that a removal under this regulation may be because a patient has committed an act of violence or has behaved in such a way that a GP, any member of a practice’s staff or any patient or other person presenthas feared for their safety.

Please also note that whilst you need to have reported the incident to the police you do not need to have obtained a crime number, or for the police to have been called to attend, butyou may find it helpful to obtain a log number for your call to the police as evidence that the incident has been reported (although this is not a requirement under the regulations).

Moreover, if a patient does commit an act of violence or otherwise behaved in a manner that would make immediate removal under the violent patient regulation appropriate, then practices have a duty of care to remove the patients immediately under this regulation, rather than through the normal removal process.If you do not do this, then you may find yourself being asked to justify why you did not do so if a violent patient subsequently registers with another practice, and potentially at risk of action should an untoward incident then take place.

The NHS England Area team, for its part, also has a legal responsibility and a duty of care to ensure that it commissions services to ensure that all patients removed under this regulation can only access NHS primary medical care through appropriately secure arrangements.

If you have any concerns about this or require any other advice in respect of the issue of dealing with violent or potentially violent patients then please do not hesitate to contact the LMC for advice.

Click here to download the document "Removals from the list of patients who are violent".

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