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GPC Guidance - Conflicts of Interest and Co-Commissioining

GPC has produced the attached guidance on conflicts of interests related to CCG co-commissioning of general practice.This guidance is relevant to all GP practices in Birmingham as all three CCGs have applied to take on board full delegated commissioning arrangements. CCGs are of course accountable to their member practices and all practices may wish to ensure that their CCG has appropriate arrangements in place for taking over full responsibility for commissioning general practice and managing PMS and GMS contracts, for dealing with all issues related to conflict of interest, and for consulting practices on changes to the CCG constitution.

This guidance is to designed help GP practices interpret NHS England’s statutory guidance, ‘Managing Conflicts of Interest: Statutory Guidance for CCGs’ (hereinafter referred to as the “Statutory Guidance”).The Statutory Guidance supplants NHS England’s COI guidance issued in 2013.

Please note that whilst it has produced this pragmatic guidance, GPC’s position (and the policy of the national annual conference of LMCs, which directs GPC policy) is that as CCGs are membership organisations accountable to their member practices this is fundamentally incompatible with CCGs holding and managing their member practices’ core GP contracts.

Click here to download the document "GPC Guidance - Conflicts of Interest & Co-commissioning".

Click here to download the document "Conflicts of Interest and Co-Commissioning".

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