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GPC Guidance - Focus on GP contract payments 2015-16

Please find link below to a Focus On document outlining the main changes in GP contract payments this year.This should be on the BMA website by the end of the day.

I would draw practices attention to the fact that the 1.16% uplift to contractual funding awarded following DDRB recommendation is being applied solely through an increase to the global sum and not to any other contractual funding streams ie no DDRB increase to QOF, DESs or any other contractual funding stream.Whilst there is a 2% increase to QOF payments this is due solely to a change in the Contractor Population index (i.e. average practice list sizes getting larger) so will not actually bring in more money.

Globalsum is increasing by 3% due to a combination of the DDRB increasing being applied to it (adding 1.7% to it) plus recycling of other income streams.

Click here to download the document "FOCUS ON GP CONTRACT PAYMENTS 2015-16".


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