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Change in Average List Size used in CPI for 2014/15 QOF Calculations

Following some queries on the change in the average list size figure used in the CPI for QOF purposes, GPC queried this with NHS Employers who in turn received the following explanation from HSCIC:

“There have been a number of questions raised concerning the recent change to the average list size figure used in Contractor Population Index (CPI) that is used as part of the year end QOF achievement.

NHS England would like to assure users that the figure of 7,087 is the correct figure for use and is the average list size figure as at 1 January 2014 as required under the Statement of Financial Entitlements.

There has been no change in the calculation of CPI other than to ensure an incorrect figure is replaced with the correct figure in time for calculation of 14/15 QOF Achievement.

It was identified that the previous figure (7,052) was incorrect and communicated in error having been calculated based on the data available at the time rather than using the information calculated and reported directly from Exeter Registration System (which is the correct and routine procedure for confirming average list size for use in CPI).The error was spotted and amended immediately and before the calculation was used, this ensured that all practices will be paid the correct amount due and we would not be in a situation where funds had to be reclaimed.

NHS England apologises for the misunderstanding and confusion caused by calculating and publishing the incorrect figure.”


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