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GPC News 14-17 April 2015

Please find below a link to the latest edition of GPC news.

The LMC would particularly draw your attention to two items.

Firstly in respect of list closures and practices’ right to decline to register new patients whilst there list is still formally open.You will read the welcome news that following the robust stance taken by GPC NHS England has done a U-turn on its previous unsupportive view on this matter and NHS England now accepts and endorses the guidance contained in GPC’s “Quality First” workload management guidance. This guidance was, in fact, based on the resolute position that Birmingham LMC has always taken on this issue and the advice it has distributed to practices.

Secondly, in respect of the item on treatment of patients with gender dysphoria, please advise the LMC of any situation where you feel you are being inappropriately expected to prescribe and/or monitor treatments which are outside of your GP contractual obligations, and for which appropriate secondary care services should be in place.Again, the practical advice and template letters contained in the Quality First manual should also be very helpful with this.

Click here to download the document "GPC News 14-17 April 2015".


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