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Extended Hours DES SLA 2015/16

It has come to the attention of the LMC that the SLA for the extended hours DES which has been sent to practices for signature includes a clause indicating that, in respect of appointments being offered by health care professionals other than GPs, "a GP should however be onsite throughout the extended hours period."

Whilst that might indeed reflect the situation pertaining in many practices, there is no such requirement in the DES Directions.It is therefore up to practices to determine whether or not there is a clinical requirement for a GP to be present, depending on the services being offered and the skills, experience and qualifications of the health care professionals providing them, although of course, as always, they might be subsequently called upon to justify such a decision.There is a legal obligation on your CCG, on behalf of NHS England, to give your practice the opportunity to provide the DES, with specifications as determined by the Directions laid before parliament, so the DES SLA must not place any obligations on practices over and above the DES Directions.Practices may therefore wish to delete this clause from their SLA before they sign it.


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