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Practice Payments

Unsurprisingly the LMC has started to receive reports of serious underpayments to practices this month following the “rationalisation” of all PCS finance functions to the “ lasca” office in Preston. Please could all practices feedback any problems they have to the LMC in order that the scale of the issue can be ascertained both locally and nationally. I would also suggest you inform the leadership of your CCG-clearly significant financial problems are going to have a major effect on your ability to continue to provide safe care to your patients. As you are aware the entirety of primary care support functions will very shortly be privatised and handed over to Capita and sadly even worse issues can be anticipated.

I would once again refer you to the advice repeatedly issued by the LMC that you must put robust financial contingency measures into your practice disaster management plans and , if you have not already done so, speak to your accountants and bank managers urgently.


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