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Reviewing the global sum allocation formula and identifying atypical practice poplations

Linked below is a self- explanatory letter to LMCs from Dr Chaand Nagpaul, chairman of GPC. It would greatly help us if any Birmingham practices which believe they fulfil the criteria for an “ atypical “ practice, for any of the reasons listed on the attached proforma, or for any other reason which is not listed but which you feel you would like to bring to our attention, could contact the LMC and provide brief details of your practice situation to enable us to complete the template (see xls spreadsheet link below) and send it back to the GPC. Please do not fill in the proforma yourself- this is only for information as to the type of information being asked for. Also, if any practice is happy for their contact details to be provided to GPC to be used in a case study, please let us know.

Apologies for burdening you with this additional work when you so overstretched but any help you are able to offer would be gratefully appreciated. Sorry to those practices whom this will not concern.

Click here to download the document "Letter to LMCs re formula review and atypical practices".

Click here to download the document "Atypical practices information gathering form".


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