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Revised Medical Fee Claim Form

With the Birmingham CCGs now holding GP practice contracts under co-commissioning and therefore taking over NHS legal responsibility for payments to practices under the “collaborative arrangements” (payments for certain local authority-requested extra-contractual services) it has been necessary to revise the medical fee claim form, and the new document is as attached and will shortly be uploaded to the LMC website. The biggest change is that following completion of section 3, in the case of payments for which the NHS is responsible council officers are now asked to return the form back to practices for forwarding to their own CCG with an invoice for payment. This change should ensure that practices know that the form has indeed been sent to their CCG finance department and to help them keep track of things through what is still, admittedly, a horrendously complicated process.

Further changes have also sought to help clarify the services for which the council is responsible for payment and which are CCG responsibility. It is anticipated though that the vast majority of this work will continue to fall under Codes 03 to 10 , ie CCG payment responsibility, and in particular Code 10 “Medical Report at request of Birmingham City Council in relation to any other of its Education, Social Services and Public Health responsibilities”.

These changes have been discussed with senior council officers, and, whilst it has been made clear that all requests from social workers etc for these services should be accompanied by a medical fee claim form with section 1 completed by the requestor, in reality this very rarely happens. Notwithstanding that there are sometimes occasions (safeguarding) where GPs may have a professional responsibility to provide information, these services all remain extra-contractual work and practices should insist that all requests are accompanied by an appropriately completed form. Practices should therefore ensure that they send a copy of the form and insist on completion by the requesting council officer/agent on every occasion when it has not been provided.

Click here to download the document "Medical Fee Claim Form".


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