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Phasing out seniority payments - England

More bad news for experienced GP partners I’m afraid.

You will be aware that seniority payments are being phased out by 2020, to be transferred into global sum and that the government’s intention was that the seniority payment pool would be reduced by 15% annually between now and then. Whilst it was expected that much of this reduction would be achieved through “ attrition” it appears from NHS England’s sums that, surprise , surprise, this is not sufficient to achieve the required savings and that therefore actual seniority payments themselves will be reduced . The first reduction is to be this October, and as a full year of reduction is to be achieved over 6 months, seniority payments are to be reduced by 23%.

The document below rather matter of fact document has been produced by GPC. Please feel free to let me have any comments which I will pass on.

Click here to download the document "Focus on phasing out seniority October 2015".


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