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Overseas Visitors and registration requirements

Further to the email issues previously discussed, the promised imminent guidance from NHS England has unfortunately as yet failed to materialise.

For absolute clarity therefore, based on unequivocal recent legal advice, any patients, from wherever in the world, staying in your practice area for more than 24 hours must be considered for the purpose of registration in exactly the same way as normal UK residents, and , on application , be registered as either temporary or permanent residents as appropriate to their anticipated length of stay ( unless that is, there are any other reasonable, non-discriminatory grounds to decline registration under the regulations). Also, as always, any patient in you practice area must be provided with emergency and immediately necessary treatment if required , including those in the area for less than twenty-four hours; this too applies equally to UK residents and overseas visitors.

This does not of course prohibit practices from treating and charging a patient privately if that is the patient’s wish , but all overseas visitors are entitled to free NHS primary care should that be their choice.


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