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The CCG practice agreement for the provision of GPSoC and GP IT services

Further to previous communications, NHS England has now published an agreement, for signature by practices and CCGs, setting out the provision of GP Systems of Choice (GPSoC) and GP IT services.

The CCG-practice agreement sets out the relative responsibilities of CCGs in providing these services, and each practice’s responsibilities in receipt. The agreement replaces the previous PCT-practice agreement.

The deadline for signature of the agreement by practices and CCGs is 31 December 2015. Signature is necessary to ensure each practice’s right to a choice of clinical system is protected, and to help ensure CCGs meet their IT obligations. Where signature is not possible, a resolution should be sought through CCG escalation to their area team. The HSCIC has stated that central IT funding could be withdrawn from practices that have not signed the agreement by the deadline.

The Joint GPC/RCGP IT Committee was consulted on the agreement and practices are advised to familiarise themselves with its content. The agreement, plus supporting guidance, is available at the HSCIC here and at NHS England here. The HSCIC has also published some FAQs here.

The HSCIC has advised that CCGs and practices are only able to update the three specific appendices. Appendices 1, 2 and 3, listed below, are subject to local agreement and should be completed by the CCG in consultation with practices. The agreement itself should remain as per the version on the HSCIC/NHS England websites.


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