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HSCIC CCG Outcomes indicator set

A number of LMCs have sought IT Subcommittee advice on the CCG Outcomes Indicator Set (CCG OIS) for 2013/14 and 2014/15. Practices have been asked to sign up to this collection within CQRS to allow data to be extracted through GPES. The intention of the extract is to provide information for CCGs about the quality of health services. Further information from the HSCIC on the CCG OIS, including the data to be extracted, can be found here.

The IT Subcommittee has discussed this extract and contacted the HSCIC on behalf of practices. We can confirm that participation in the extract is voluntary, and it is matter for practices to decide whether to take part. There is no CQRS payment attached to this service. The data to be extracted is aggregated at practice level, with no record level or sensitive data included. We have been informed that 73% of practices offered the extract have signed up (not all have practices have received this request - only those where the HSCIC has the facility to extract this data automatically).

Please note that we have highlighted the limitations of this dataset to the HSCIC. These indicators are unlikely to be coded consistently and any interpretations of the data are likely to be inappropriate. Some of these indicators are those no longer in QOF and GPC has previously noted that the coding of retired QOF indicators will become increasingly variable over time.

Click here to download the document "CCG OIS".


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