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Patient Safety issue- transfer of medical records

Please see below email and link to further guidance in relation to the transfer of medical records.

From: Robert Morley
Sent: 28 October 2015 16:33
To: 'Baxter Janet
Subject: RE: patient safety issue- transfer of medical records

Thanks Janet, and I’m most indebted to Grant Ingrams from Coventry LMC and the GPC’s IT subcommittee for further guidance on this.

There are patient safety and governance issues that the CCG must ensure have been addressed, and the regulations are clear that the commissioner must be satisfied in respect of these.

There is owed as much a duty of care to the practices who will be receiving this as well as those who are sending. Encryption is needed which the receiving practice can then revert, and the documents must be in a format that the receiving practice can easily file – otherwise this would be reducing the workload for the ex-practice but increase the workload for the new practice.

The Good Practice Guidelines version 4 on transfer of electronic medical records is attached – see especially Chapter 10.6. I shall be forwarding this to all Birmingham practices.

Thanks for the response Bob-I knew you would be able to point us all to the relevant Regulation.

Would it ever be the case that the receiving Practice could not read the disc provided? -we have been told previously that this is the case. We have then been asked to obtain a summary from the previous Practice. I’m sure you can appreciate that creating extra work is never a good option.

CCGs as Bob says a decision would be appreciated. With 11 areas of responsibility its always helpful to have a consistent approach.

Click here to download the document "Good Practice Guidelines".


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