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GPC News 6 - Special conference news - Jan 2016

Please find below a PDF of a brief summary of the Special Conference of LMCs which took place last Saturday , and at which a number of Birmingham LMC representatives spoke. The bulk of the document, Part 1, confirms the motions that were carried and must now be taken forward by GPC as policy ( unless carried only “ as a reference”, in which case GPC must still have regard to them but they do not constitute formal policy, generally on the grounds that they may in practical terms be impossible or extremely unlikely to be achievable).

The final motion passed, no 14, is of course the most all-encompassing and significant one:

That conference instructs GPC that should negotiations with government for a rescue package for general practice not be concluded successfully within 6 months of the end of this conference:
(i) actions that GPs can undertake without breaching their contracts must be identified to the profession
(ii) a ballot of GPs should be considered regarding what work/ services must cease to reduce the workload to ensure safe and sustainable care for patients
(iii) the GPC should canvass GPs on their willingness to submit undated resignations

Full coverage of the entire conference via web link at the following site:

The next six months certainly promises to be very interesting!

You may also be aware that GPC has launched its new initiative “ an urgent prescription for general practice”. Full details are available at the following link:

Click here to download the document "Special LMC Conference News - Final".


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