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Registration of Hospital inpatients

You will be fully aware from previous communications that practices must not be asked to register patients, for normal NHS primary medical services if they are inpatients in any hospital establishment be this NHS or private. All medical care for such inpatients must be commissioned and provided outside of the usual GMS/PMS arrangements. This principle was agreed in a joint NHS England/CCG/LMC meeting and has the full personal backing of Dr Kiran Patel, regional medical director at NHS England.

Unfortunately I have been made aware that at least one establishment (and of course there may be others of which I am unaware) is still attempting to register its inpatients with local GP practices under normal arrangements. Practices have reasonable grounds to decline to accept these inpatients on their list, whether as full registrations or temporary residents. Any attempt by Hunter’s Moor or any other hospital establishment to do so must be brought to the attention of your CCG, which is responsible for ensuring that all appropriate medical services are commissioned and provided in these establishments.


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