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Phlebotomy Fee demands from HEFT

I’m aware that some practices are receiving inappropriate invoices (not properly itemised either) and even being threatened with the bailiff by HEFT because their patients are choosing to attend the hospital rather than the practice for phlebotomy, outside of practice control. This is wholly unacceptable and I brought the matter up with the CCG many months ago but it does not appear that this has been actioned, and if anything it appears the problem is getting worse.

I would advise you not to pay these invoices but to send them to your CCG. The matter is one for the CCG to sort out directly with HEFT, and I have again asked it to take the appropriate action. The only situation in which practices would be responsible for paying for these bloods would be if they themselves had directed patients to HEFT (in breach presumably of the terms of their practice contract to provide phlebotomy) or if there was a formal subcontract agreement in place between the practice and HEFT (which would in any case require CCG approval).


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