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Display Energy Certificate

Just to remind practices that as from 9th January 2013 you were required to display a DEC showing the operational rating of your practice in a place clearly visible to the public. This is a legal requirement. I have copied an extract from the documentation for you as below – please note the floor area sizes :

When DECs are required

From 9 January 2013, if you are an occupier of a building requiring a DEC, you will need to display a DEC showing an operational rating in a prominent place clearly visible to the public. You will also need to have in your possession or control a valid advisory report.

If you are a new occupier, or have been in occupation for less than 15 months by 9 January 2013, you may not have the previous 12 months of meter readings available that are required for an operational rating. The legislation makes provisions for calculation over the period of occupation in these cases.

Validity period of DECs

Where the building has a total useful floor area of more than 1,000m˛, the DEC is valid for 12 months. The accompanying advisory report is valid for seven years. Where the building has a total useful floor area of between 250m˛ and 1000m˛, the DEC and advisory report are valid for 10 years.

Full details are available at the link below:


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