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Your practice will have received, or will shortly receive, the attached invitation to sign up to a data sharing agreement in order to extract information on childhood vaccinations from computerised medical records for sharing with the Community Trust.

You may well remember earlier communication from the LMC on this matter when NHS England attempted to pilot this system in a small number of practices, asking them to sign up to the agreement with just two days’ notice with no previous notification to practices or consultation with the LMC. Since then the LMC has been in dialogue with both NHS England and Health Intelligence ( the organisation providing the data extraction system) about these proposals. The proposed DSA was shared by the LMC with both a BMA medical ethics expert and independent expert solicitors instructed by the LMC. As a result changes have been made to the DSA and our lawyers are confident that practices who sign up to this initiative will not be in breach of any data protection/ information governance legislation and there will therefore be no medicolegal or professional risk in participation.

It is still a decision for practices as to whether they wish to participate in this extraction of course; NHS England and Health Intelligence are clearly of the view that signing up to this will reduce practice workload in providing childhood vaccination data, but clearly that will depend on exactly how this system will operate in practical terms and how current systems operate in individual practices. I would therefore advise every practice considering participation to contact Health Intelligence and request it visits the practice to explain exactly how this system will work prior to signing up to the agreement.

Click here to download the document "Childhood Vaccination Data Sharing Agreement - Data Exports".


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