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MCP Emerging Care Model and Contract Framework and GPC guidance

NHS England have published its document on the model framework for the new voluntary MCP contract for the delivery of general practice and wider services at scale. I have attached the document, together with a summary paper from the NHS England Board meeting, and also an excellent “Focus On“ guidance document that has been produced today by GPC. I would urge you to read these documents very carefully.

Whilst there may well be considerable opportunities to be grasped by practices running with this agenda, you will see that the fully integrated MCP contract requires practices to abandon their existing core GMS/PMS contracts, and despite reassurances about the potential for these to be “suspended” with a right to return, it is very difficult to see how this could operate in practical terms. Any practice considering abandoning its GMS or PMS contract for a time -limited MCP contract with numerous risks attached is advised to very carefully consider all these risks and implications and the GPC document expands on these and the very many other significant concerns about these proposals. Please do read the GPC guidance thoroughly.

No doubt further detail on the MCP proposals will be issued over the coming months, as of course will further guidance from the GPC and LMC. In the meantime please do not hesitate to contact the LMC with any queries.

Click here to download the document "Focus on MCP Contract Framework FINAL".

Click here to download the document "mcp contract".

Click here to download the document "MCP Care Model Framework".


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