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Update- Requests for Access to deceased patients' records

Further to previous communication the LMC can confirm that we have received the following response from Martyn Pritchard , Director of PCSE at Capita, confirming that practices must NOT be charged for the return of medical records:

“You have raised issues with me last week about the charging mechanisms we have in this area. I’ve worked with our Operations and Finance teams to understand the issues raised and, hopefully, can now answer the points raised. Apologies that it has taken me until today to respond to you.

Charging Practices for Access to the Records of Deceased Patients

An example of a practice accessing a record for an insurance report and PCSE requesting a fee for this was raised and the questions were: is this correct and if so does this represent a change?

The short answer is no this isn’t correct.

This was an error on our part and there is no charge for this service to practices. I have spoken to Johanna Law-Riding who is the Operations Director for PCSE and Johanna will work with her team to ensure all members of staff who work in this area understand this.”

The LMC would however reiterate the points we made last week that 1) should a practice receive a request for access to the records of a deceased patient who’s notes have been returned, or for the preparation of an insurance or other report on such a patient , the request should be redirected to PCSE which will have data controller responsibility 2) If PCSE then requests that the practice checks the records prior to release, or requires a report to be prepared, such services are extra- contractual, not subject to any statutory fees and therefore the practice may charge its own private professional fee.


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