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GP Trainees and the medical performers list

GPC is aware that there have been delays in processing GP trainee applications for the performers list beyond the three month window for applications to be processed. We understand that this has serious implications for both trainees and practices and we have sought legal advice on this issue.

Whatever the reason, GP trainees are not lawfully allowed to perform primary medical services past the three month mark (ie three months after the start of their GP specialty training programme, not three months after the start of the first GP placement), if the trainee has not been added to the medical performers list. Trainees should inform their employer in a timely manner if there is a delay in an application being progressed.

If the application is approaching 3 months after the start of the GP specialty training programme, the trainee should contact their NHS England local area team personally to ask for their intervention. They could intervene urgently to consider the application, irrespective of whether Capita considers it to be complete, and to see whether it can be progressed to allow you to continue working.

In the event that the necessary documentation has not been provided by the deadline, the NHS England local area team will be notified and will decide if the application should progress or further information is required.

Instructions for applications are outlined by HEE on the PCSE website (follow this link). All documentation should be sent together with the application in order to be processed.

If members have any concerns about how this will affect them or their practice and would like further advice, please call our BMA employment advisors on 0300 123 1233 (between 08.30 to 18.00 Monday to Friday, excluding UK Bank Holidays).

Dr Chaand Nagpaul, GPC Chair


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