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Message from GPC regarding the GPFV practice resilience programme

Please see below a self- explanatory message from the GPC regarding the practice resilience scheme with links to detailed information.. You will note GPC believes that practices should have the opportunity to self- refer to apply for support. If you wish to do so please contact your CCG and copy in the LMC. The LMC is in the process of discussing this matter with your CCG. As you may be aware, the GP Forward View (GPFV) practice resilience programme has been launched and NHS Area teams/CCGs are in the process of agreeing implementation plans and identifying practices to receive the support and resources which are provided by the programme.

GPC has been clear with NHS England that externally generated "performance" measures should not be used as the only criteria for identifying practices, since available evidence increasingly shows that practices which are meeting the highest performance standards (including those rated as outstanding in CQC inspections) can be just as vulnerable to pressures or even closures as those practices which have lower ratings. The programme guidance sets out the range of criteria to be used by local teams to identify practices who may be eligible for support, and in addition to this it is important that practices also have the ability to self-refer to receive support from the scheme.

While in some areas practices have been offered the opportunity to self-refer for the programme, many LMCs have reported that practices have not been made aware of the programme at all, and are therefore being denied the ability to apply for necessary support.

The deadline for local teams to confirm with NHS England the list of practices selected to receive support in 2016/17 is 30 September. The executive has taken this issue up with NHS England, who have agreed to extend the timescale for identification of practices to receive support until 7th October. Local teams will be responsible for prioritising and selecting practices for support this year from the list of practices identified through the guiding criteria or through self-referral.

If local practices have not been informed of the scheme, I would urge you to make your constituent practices/practice managers aware of the programme, and that they can self-refer until 7 October.

While the level of funding available through the programme is modest, it is important that this is used wisely and directed to those practices which are in greatest need and where support can make a tangible difference to alleviating pressures and even ensure practice viability.

Please note that the resilience programme runs for four years and has a total value of £40 million. £16 million is available for 2016/17, with £8 million per year for the remaining three years until March 2020.


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