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CQC Fees Consultation

CQC has just announced its "consultation" on its fee rises for 2017/18. :

As expected there is a massive hike in fees, averaging 75% on this year's already massive increase. The rise will be even higher for the smallest practices and those with list sizes just above the 5000, 10,000 and 15,000 patient thresholds. This cannot possibly be properly compensated in these practices by any possible agreement by NHS England to increase global sum to support the cost of CQC fee rises. As CQC will have less practices to visit, both as a result of practice closures/ mergers, and because it is likely that visit frequencies on the vast majority of practices, which are rated good or outstanding, will reduce, the need for such a further massive rise next year defies credibility.

Whilst no doubt GPC will be responding robustly to this, as will the LMC, and we would encourage all practices to do likewise, the consultation is, like last year, a complete sham, with the rises having already been pre-determined and will not be altered by responses to the consultation, which is merely being carried out to satisfy statutory requirements.


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