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Clinical Pharmacists in General Practice (Roll Out Programme)

"In July 2015 NHS England launched a pilot scheme to expand the use clinical pharmacists working in patient facing roles in general practice. Funding was made available, which has seen over 450 clinical pharmacists working in approximately 650 practices across 90 pilot sites.

The General Practice Forward View includes a commitment to deliver an additional 5,000 clinical and non-clinical staff in general practice. Out of these 5,000 additional staff members there is a commitment to have "a pharmacist per 30,000 of the population… leading to a further 1,500 pharmacists in general practice by 2020".

Following the initial pilot, NHS England has committed to over £100m to support a further 1,500 clinical pharmacists in general practice by 2020/21, in addition to those from the pilot. The funding will cover recruitment, employment, training and development of clinical pharmacists and the development of employing/participating practices.

The portal for GP practices to apply for funding will be open from Monday 9 January. Practices can apply on an ongoing basis although we will publish the submission deadline date for the first round of applications before the portal goes live. Any applications received after that time will still be reviewed for funding in a later round. We would suggest that GP practices to get their applications in as early as possible after 9 January. Guidance on how to apply and a sample of the questions that the online portal will ask are available on the NHS England website to allow GP practices to prepare their applications.

Information and guidance on how to apply has been attached with this email and includes

Further information about the role of clinical pharmacists and how they complement services offered in general practices are available on the NHS England website:


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