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QOF/GPES and enhanced service payments

Please be aware of the timings of GPES contract extractions this year. NHS England have informed us that due to when the Easter bank holiday falls this year, there is a delay in timing of the extracts for enhanced services which has the potential to affect the payments run.

Since 2013, QOF extraction has been separate from the other enhanced services so as not to overload the system. This normally hasn’t impacted significantly on the timings of payments for the enhanced services, however, due to the timing of Easter this year and the rules around giving practices time to review and validate data collections, there is a risk that for some practices there is the possibility that their enhanced service payments might be delayed. This is due to timing issues between the achievement calculation and the payment run dates.

NHS E are trying to minimise the impact that this has on practice cash flow, so are looking to time payment run to ensure those with the highest value are done first. The exception is the AUA as the work to validate has always taken some time and it is likely this will get paid later.

The current timetable is the following:

After QOF the extractions will be prioritised in the order described below:

NHS E is not able to advise on when each run will occur as it is different for each area.


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