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Whisleblowing Guidance

Please see below a message I have just sent to your CCG. As stated practices need to have whistleblowing policies in line with the NHS England document, and in particular must have local freedom to speak up guardians independent of the practice. As stated below I expect that most practices would be happy for these roles to be fulfilled by somebody within their CCG and I have asked for your CCG’s intentions in this respect, although of course there are alternative solutions; the attached document and BMA guidance at the link below makes some suggestions. Practices need to ensure that their whistle blowing procedures align with the new NHS whistleblowing policy, (attached) by September this year.

BMA has some guidance at this link:

It’s unclear however what local arrangements have been put in place in respect of local “ Freedom to Speak Up” guardians for general practice. It would seem to me that CCGs might be best placed to host these for general practice, though some of the larger GP provider organisations might wish to consider alternative mechanisms.

Could you let me know what the intentions are in the CCGs in respect of this matter and whether any arrangements are already in place?

Click here to download the document "Whistleblowing Guidance".


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