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Sickness and parental leave cover - entitlement to reimbursement for additional indemnity costs

I am aware that some practices reimburse some or all of the indemnity costs for their salaried GPs in lieu of part of their salary. When part-time salaried GPs increase their clinical sessions to provide cover for practice colleagues on sick or parental leave their may then be additional indemnity costs payable by the practice. The LMC’s position has been clear that the wording of the Statement of Financial Entitlements (SFE) legally obliges these additional costs to be reimbursed to practices alongside all other increased employment costs incurred.

The LMC has been made aware however that CCGs/NHS England have been refusing to reimburse these increased indemnity costs. I have challenged NHS England nationally on this matter and have now obtained written confirmation that these increased indemnity costs are indeed reimbursable under the SFE.

If your practice encounters any difficulty in obtaining reimbursement to which it is legally entitled for funding increased medical indemnity liabilities as a result of GPs providing sickness or parental leave cover please contact the LMC for advice and support.


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