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Amendment to GMS/PMS contractual regulation- removal of violent patients

Following annual contractual negotiations between GPC and the government an important change to contractual regulations on violent patient removals came into place this month. Copied below is the amendment to the GMS regulations; there is an identical change in the PMS regulations.

In a nutshell, where a practice has inadvertently registered a new patient that has been removed by another practice under the violent patient regulations and should therefore be registered only under the violent patient special allocation scheme, the practice may now have the patient immediately removed from their list.

Amendment of paragraph 25 of Schedule 3 to the GMS Contracts Regulations 8.
In Schedule 3 to the GMS Contracts Regulations (other contractual terms), in paragraph 25 (removal from the list of patients who are violent)—
(a)after sub-paragraph (1) insert—
“(1A) Where a contractor—
(a)accepts a person onto its list of patients; and
(b)subsequently becomes aware that the person has previously been removed from the list of patients of another provider of primary medical services—
(i)because the person committed an act of violence against any of the persons specified in sub-paragraph (2) (as read with sub-paragraph (2A)) or behaved in such a way that any of those persons feared for their safety; and (ii)the other provider of primary medical services reported the incident to the police, the contractor may give notice to the Board in accordance with sub-paragraph (3) that it wants to have the person removed from its list of patients with immediate effect.
(b)after sub-paragraph (2) insert—
(2A) For the purposes of sub-paragraph (1A), any reference to “the contractor” in sub-paragraph (2) is to be read as a reference to the other provider of primary medical services referred to in sub-paragraph (1A), and sub-paragraph (2) is to be construed accordingly.”; and br /> (c)in sub-paragraphs (3), (4) and (5), for “sub-paragraph (1)” in each place where it appears, substitute “sub-paragraph (1) or (1A)”.br />


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