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Revised Minor Surgery ES 2018-19

You will have recently been sent the attached revised minor surgery specification by BSOL CCG. The changes in the specification have been highlighted, and have been brought in following intervention by the LMC when it came to its attention that a number of practices were being refused payment because they had used Kenalog rather than Depo-Medrone for joint/intra-lesional injections (in line with specialist guidance on clinical evidence). The reason for this was due to ambiguity in the wording of the specification, which had however clearly been written with the intention of excluding the use of Kenalog injections solely for simple IM injection for systemic indications.

Intervention by the LMC has resulted in the affected practices being paid in full the many thousands of pounds owed for all procedures delivered, and in the revision to the SLA wording to remove ambiguity and the risk of misinterpretation.

Click here to download the document "Minor Surgery ES 2018-19 revised Oct 2018 FINAL".


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